Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Introduction to My Wonderful Blogs

Hey everyone out there who is reading this blog. So I will start off saying I absoughtly hate using computers so this blogging experience will more then likely be some adventure. And plus its my first time to ever blog. The topic I want to write about involves my bad driving. Although I am so young, I have tons of stuff to talk about when it comes to getting in trouble when i am faced behind the wheel. I also will talk about how not only am I a bad driver, but how it drives me crazy the way other people drive as well. This can be anyone from my grandpa who will not exceed over 45miles a hour on the freeway, or even the mean people who will not let you over in a lane when its very much necessary. I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences that include getting speeding tickets, totling 3 cars and a variety of stuff. Thank you for checking my blog out.


  1. Even though I have only experienced driving or i should say riding a bike I still can only imagine how you feel every time you get on the road. I honor you for still not letting it hinder you from still getting out and driving around but you are now wise

  2. OK, Kelsey--

    Sounds like a plan. Work on developing more content and paragraphing in the future.

  3. COOL! You sound like you get just as annoyed as I do by bad drivers. I can’t wait to see where your blogs go throughout the quarter. Don’t worry you’re not the only one who’s never blogged before. I personally am not looking forward to having to blog once a week for the quarter. I’ll most likely be able to relate to a lot of your post on how people drive so stupidly. It seems like when you’re always in a rush to get somewhere that traffic is slow or something, anyway good luck.