Sunday, February 21, 2010

Need for Speed

Illegal speed racing inspired by Hollywood has created a dangerous epidemic among many. Movies have an impact on us because they are mainly fueled on the glory of danger; an example of this would be illegal street racing. Movies like “The Fast and the Furious” has now become more of a reality for people in the United States of an everyday occurrence. Many enjoy the thrill of speed racing because of the adrenalin rush it creates is undesirable. According to a nationwide study, statistics show that forty-nine people out of every one thousand are injured who find themselves participate in illegal street racing. It is also known The Insurance of Highway Safety says 5,749 teens died in the United States from car and motor cycle accidents.

Innocent people are known to die from street racing as well. Cars involved in illegal street races are often issued equipment violation citation. Police are known to arrest offenders under the laws covering reckless operation and endangerment. The law says your car will be immediately confiscated and will face prison time up to three months and receive a one thousand dollar fine. Spectators are subject to lesser penalties as well.

To prevent illegal street racing some police stations are establishing an illegal street force team who will target the hot spots of the racing criminals. Along with that police are also providing alternative things for youth to do instead of putting their and other lives in danger. Along with this road safety education in schools.

For those who want to participate in street racing, an association for people who want to race so they can do it legally. The association is called NHRA and it helps street racing get off the major roads and become safe and effective. NHRA stands for National Hot Rod Association in which was founded in 1951 by a man of the name Wally Parks. The National Hot Rod Association put focus on the development of short distance acceleration. This association was initially a car club activity program but is now dedicated to safety. The initial goal for the future is to help overcome the problem of illegal street racing. The safety programs like this and others ones will help to keep everyone safe.


  1. That number of teenagers that died in the United States is crazy. I can’t believe 5,749 teens have died. It is crazy how people take driving for granted. And once they get in an accident they wish they could take it all back. They wish they didn’t speed or go fast. They think the cops are against them when really their main goal is to serve and protect the community. They think the cops are all against them. All that Cops want to do is serve and help out the community. We cant take driving for granted and we need to take it more serious.

  2. Dang that is pretty crazy thats how many people died, ive been to a street crazy before with my moms friend and it was really cool to see all the rides and supped up cars with nice systems in them. But i agree that it should be taken off the streets and made safe so that less people die, good informational post!

  3. I cant believe that so many teens die from street racing. I didnt know it had such a negative affect on society. I think that movies do influence teens to be involved in street racing. The thrill and rush of racing is a high for some and is a dangerous sport. Police should crack down on it to help save lives.

  4. Kelsey--

    Same advice as below. Links are crucial here. Where are the facts from? Link to the organization you mention.

    So are you altering the feel of the blog? You seem to be adopting a safety angle in your blog persona. This is fine, but it may alter what the blog started out as being . . .

  5. Street racing is indeed dangerous. But why not adapt rather than abort? Streets could be closed in advance and safety precautions taken. As for the NHRA, money is usually needed to even enter street class. Perhaps, locally, someone could sponsor a free race night in Kirkersville. Some people will always feel the need for speed.