Monday, February 1, 2010

Just keep flying, just keep flying

Is there ever a time that you need to be somewhere but you do not want to drive to get there? With all the hassle of driving to get to where you have to be can be a pain in the booty. Sometimes I think about how nice it would be to just fly to avoid all troubles. As I was reading an article the other day about bad driving on the internet I was surprised to find out that there was a study done by The University of California that actually says they might have discovered a gene that contributes to people driving like morons. Does this mean that we should cut bad drivers some slack? Maybe this means that everyone should require genetic testing before they are allowed to issue a driver's license. If they fail this test should they be allowed to drive, including me? Or when people fail this should we just have a special handicap sticker to hang from their rear-view mirrors. Maybe we could lend them access to their own lanes to make them less dangerous and feel more important.

I have come up with the same fact that bad drivers are simply just people who habit forces other drivers to adjust to their driving. By this I mean next time you accuse another driver of being bad, stop and think about the times you’ve forced someone to adjust to your driving. Although this may be different to popular opinion, practice doesn’t make perfect. Only perfect practices makes perfect. This meaning if you practice driving the wrong way, then you will only learn the wrong was verse learning the right way to do it.

Would all this be solve with simply more practice, taking bad drivers off the road? What will be the solution?


  1. I hate it when people are driving dumb especially when you need to get somewhere or you will be late and it is something important that you need to do, like doctor appointments, work, or classes. There are always people that make you so frustrated that you just want to run them over. And most of the time you end up missing or being late for where you needed to be at.

  2. I like your idea of giving the bad drivers their own lane. I hate when Im trying to get somewhere and if I stay at the speed limit then I will be late and I get behind someone who goes slower than the speed limit and I cant pass. So I like the idea of giving the slow or bad drivers their own space. good points on the whole practice makes perfect part. I dont think if we take them off the road it will help because your always going to have some bad drivers you wont be able to get rid of them all and we all know were bad at driving some point in our lives.

  3. I certainly am a prime example of "nurture" over "nature" in terms of my driving habits. Within a few years from moving to Ohio from Chicago, I have slowed down considerably. Fifteen miles over the limit is a fairly regular practice back home--here I'm much more conservative in my speed. And now I feel out of place driving back in Chicago when I visit!

    Oh, and remember to have links in these posts! You especially need to link to the article that you are referring to.

  4. I know the bad driver thing. On Monday when i was trying to get home i had this asshole who was riding my ass with the roads as bad as they were didn't know how to leave a safe clear distance