Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hurt yourself, not others

It has become obvious we live in a country where people drive like maniacs. The phenomenon about this all is for the most part these are passive people. Generally speaking they are not outwardly aggressive people.
The physical crime in this country is quite minimal, even though beer drinking serving as the national past time, they do not often become rowdy or uncivilized. This is all raised well so why is it so amazing to watch them on the interstate driving. What are the signs that your a lunatic driver?

One way you know your a lunatic driver if you drive a BMW. This will probably offend a few of the owners of BMW. They didnt associate BMW ownership with bad driving when living in the U.S. Serving the meaning evertime you see someone fly by you like a lunatic, they are almost sure to be driving a BMW. Another reason may be if you drive 40 miles over the speed limit and do not think it is dangerous. Another reason you may know your a lunatic driver is if you pas on the right, this makes you a bad driver and also sometimes a jerk. Is it just because the guy in front of you doesnt want to drive over 90 miles an hour its ok for you to pass them on the right. Another reason adding to this is you cross solid white lines, you know theres a reason these things exist. Crossing them is a danger to you and also others on the road. It is as if the safety of others does not matter to you.
If you find yourself doing any of this, you may be a lunatic driver. And if you know you are, how does this make you feel about yourself? Not only causing harm to yourself  but to inicent bystanders just living their daily lives.


  1. People are really crazy when they drive. They dont think about driving they are thinking about a conversation with someone or where they are going. It also depends on the mood. When people are sad they drive fast. When people are happy they arnt paying attention. They have the radio on and singing or thinnking of something that is making them happy. I loved the part where you talked about over 90 miles.

  2. There are a lot of people that drive crazy, and i notice that there are a lot of people that drive crazy in Newark. There have been several incidents where i was driving to school and some guy almost hits me while at a red light. Last week some old lady brake checked me and I must have been going at least 75, i was pissed and there was no reason at all for her doing it.

  3. Here's an app that lets you vent your road rage and rate bad driver online.

  4. you might be a crazy driver if you earned my handle: crazy_driver_78 by the age of 20. the worst and most annoying are the maniacs that speed up on purpose when you try to pass. I'm not talking about the ones that do it subconsciously because of the 'herd' mentality. I'm talking about the ones that actively try to prevent being passed because the 'alpha male' syndrome won't allow being passed because of an inferiority complex. I can handle aggressive driving, but seriously, some people need to get over their penis envy cuz they aint got nuttin to prove but a small penis, or liking it in the rear.