Monday, March 15, 2010

Getting Lost Within a Blog

In order to share common interest and experiences blogging is an excellent way to do that. With bogging, you are able to share stories, experiences, and all kinds of new things with people in whom you may never even meet in your lifetime. With belief, blogging is a wonderful way to communicate with people and be able to talk about common interests in which you share. People who find themselves interested in blogs are those people who look for some kind of communication with an outside person in order to compare and share. Something to talk about when it comes to them and being in a group of those who interact.

Douglas Rushkoff has the common saying “Internet is not killing off conversation but actively encouraging it.” Throughout the article Rushoff talks about social currency and why success is directly related on the ability to create excuses for people to socialize and talk to one another. This all means that like all successful television shows, websites, and music, there are generally ones that offer the most valuable forms of social currency to the fans of them. Douglas Rushkoff describes all of this as friends who sit around and tell jokes, that they are using content that most likely they found used somewhere elsewhere in order to being up good conversation.

Does Rushoff have a good point when talking about media success? Is it true that all of the television shows, websites, and music all just create something for us to talk about with all our friends? If all he is saying is correct, than it is no different when it comes to blog sites and how people react to them. This is a way to share common feelings and something to talk about among our peers.

When it came to looking at other bloggers sites, I was able to comment on what they wrote and relate it to my own life. It was almost like a building block for communication between me and someone in which I completely knew nothing about to begin with. I enjoyed reading all these blog post and getting to know a little more about them, to create a conversation on either something I know something a lot about or something they know a lot about.

For example when looking at a certain blog post of a classmate about “Things That Make Me Want to say Fuck You” by Cimino, I was able to relate in what his blogs were about by common interest in some of the same things that can and will drive me crazy. One of the blogs he wrote that most sparked my interest was the last one written by him under the title, “Having a Shitty and Messy Roommate.” I found this to be so interesting and funny because if was so easy for me relate to his readings because of the simple fact that I have 5 girl roommates who refuse to clean anything. Another blogger in class that I enjoyed reading very much was “Living With Cocoa.” Even though this blog made me sad at times to read it because at the end a horrible tragedy occurred and Cocoa and he was found no longer able to be with us. I enjoyed reading these by Lauren because at the start of her blogs I was so jealous of the fact that she had the wonderful opportunity to raise a puppy and see how it changed her whole family’s life in one way or another. Towards the end of reading these blogs it touched my heart to know how quickly life can come at you and change for the worse. It taught me to love everyday and take it for what it is worth.

There is not much wrong I can find with blogging. It is good for all in ways to communicate and be a part of each other’s lives when we may not even know each other. If you ever need to express yourself, chances are there is someone out there who feels the same way and would love to communicate in a blog with you about those certain feelings of anger or happiness, which ever they may be.

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  1. I agree with this! Blogging IS a great way to share common interests with random strangers over the internet. I liked how you incorporated the Rushkoff article in this too. I do not agree with him when he says that internet, music, media, and television are use so we have something to talk about with our friends. But I do agree with the sentence at the end of that paragraph. I enjoyed the blogging experience this year as well and had fun reading everybody’s post each week. I, like Kelsey, could also relate to many of the topics discussed in this class’ blogs.

  2. Pinney, you write such exuberant comments!

    I think you are making an interesting point here, Kelsey: blogging, at its heart, is about connection. Nice examples from your classmates' blogs.