Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Grand Accident, Party mood

It was not long after getting my license that I experienced my first devastating, bone shattering accident. Naturally, being a new driver, I was extremely anxious to be driving my new 2006 Pontiac Grand AM, although I did not know that my skills were very limited. It was on New Year’s Eve night during an insane snow blizzard that I decided I needed to get away from my parents and go party the night away. Now, I will not say I am a bad driver, but driving on icy and snowy road conditions was not listed on stuff I am experienced with, that is for sure.

Although, my dad was telling me not to leave the house on that cold, snowing, winter night, I did not listen and I went anyway. What happened next would change how I felt about driving in the snow for the rest of my natural born life. I entered the highway merging with traffic in the busy four-lane. Things were going very good, I had the music turned up high and the new heater was blasting in my face. With my unknowing parents back at home in bed, I was on top of the world. Next, I went to take my exit towards my friend Ashley’s house to arrive at her giant New Years Eve party fashionably late. I turned right at the stop light when I got to the bottom of the exit ramp. The roads had doubled in snow accumulation since I left for the party. As I turned at the stop light I hit a patch of ice and did a 180 turn. I took a deep breath and put the car in reverse to turn myself around. Just as I was getting back into my lane of traffic, a green SUV came hurtling towards my front end. It hit me with the sound of crushing metal and flying glass from my windshield that had exploded upon impact. My arm was pinned in my mangled steering wheel. My head felt hot, I realized I was bleeding from the top of my head.

Next, the other driver called 911 and then I do not remember anything until the paramedics showed up to cut me out of my car. I sat in the back of the ambulance until my parents showed up to get me. My arm turned out to be only bruised on the bone and my head only needed a quick liquid stitch from the paramedic who was cleaning me up. My parents were upset with me but they knew I had learned my lesson.

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  1. Wow. You have had your share of accidents, haven't you?!